Buy body armor gear for military, police and civilians. Bulletproofing USA and its allies to keep them bulletproof. The best NIJ 3A, 3, and 4 body armor. Soft and hard armor edit · A level IIIA soft armor low-profile vest · An ESAPI plate with battle damage following two bullet strikes. The wearer survived the. Meet the soft armor that has reinvented soft armor. Engineered with the world's best polymer chemistry, and processed under 25 million pounds of force. FAS™ Full Armor System · QUINTUPLE THE PROTECTION · Cover the most vital areas on your body and gain the upper hand over any enemy · A CITY ESSENTIAL · PROTECT. Anti-Stab Soft Armor provides NIJ Level IIIA and NIJ Stab1 protection. This is multi-threat stab-proof protection that stops handgun, spike, slash, and.

Today there are two main types: regular non-plated body armor for moderate to substantial protection, and hard-plate reinforced body armor for maximum. Level 4 Body Armor is the highest level of armor according to the National Institute of Justice. NIJ standards state that a Level 4 plate must defeat a single. Bulletproof Zone places your safety above all else. Bulletproof Zone offers a top range of body armor such as bulletproof vests, plate carriers, bulletproof. Bulletproof Vests. The bulletproof vests from Tactical Scorpion Gear are made from special padded materials to absorb the kinetic energy of bullets effectively. Unflinching strength, ultra lightweight design, revolutionary technology—Hardwire Hard Armor brings together everything you need to perform your best when. We're a trusted supplier of ballistic helmets, ballistic panels, and bullet and stab proof vests at affordable prices for military operatives and civilians. Premier Body Armor offers a wide selection of the best bulletproof vests for everyone from executives to law enforcement. All of our Level IIIA vests are. AR Armor of Armored Republic manufactures body armor in Phoenix, AZ, and provides Tools of Liberty like body armor, plate carriers, and accessories. Infidel Body Armor offers a full range of body armor, plate carrier, & other protective equipment. Visit now to get body armor & tactical equipment at fair. BulletSafe is the best value in body armor and manufactures bulletproof vests, ballistic plates, bulletproof backpack panels, shields, gas masks and more. Purpose-built for the personal protection officer, plainclothes policeman or protection-minded civilian who values discretion, BulletSafe's soft armor vests.

bullet proof or stab proof protection in typical ballistic body armor and bulletproof vests. bulletproof vest, or ballistic helmets, is just bullet resistant. Our covert bullet proof vests can remain almost invisible to all but the wearer. Full bullet protection up to NIJ level IIIa available, and edged-blade level 2. Explore our extensive range of different types of vests to find the perfect solution for your unique requirements. Experience the pinnacle of protection with. Protect yourself & your loved ones with the superior quality & craftsmanship of Caliber Armor Level IIIA & above Body Armor Plates & Vests. All of our body armor and riot gear has been designed, developed, manufactured, tested, and proven to be of the highest quality in both lab and field testing. Point Blank Body Armor is considered today to be the premier source of body armor systems in the world. Bulletproof Everyone is the leading US manufacturer of premium, lightweight, and covert IIIA bulletproof clothing. Jackets, vests, hoodies and shirts. Spartan Armor Systems light weight ceramic and composite level III, level IIIA level III+, and level IV body armor plates. UHMWPE and kevlar semi flexible. Includes. One (1) Wraparound Bulletproof Vest. Key Benefits: Protection: NIJ Certified - Level.

Body armor from Armored Republic is made from steel alloy, ceramic, polyethylene & aramid fabrics by free craftsmen in Phoenix, AZ. Our selection of NIJ tested bulletproof vests provide the best protection against Level 3A, 3, and 4 threats. Visit us online to get your vest today! Protection Guaranteed. Our tactical body armor is designed to withstand NIJ ballistic threats and resist rust, spall, and shrapnel. For increased protection in. Note that NIJ has never tested nor certified ballistic items, such as backpacks, blankets, or briefcases, other than body armor for law enforcement. See DOJ. Tacticon Body Armor, Plate Carriers and Tactical Gear offer the highest level of quality, protection, affordability, and are warrantied for life.

Armor Express designs, manufactures, and markets ballistic and stab/spike concealable, overt, and tactical body armor systems and accessories. Best Selling · Tactical TSGBRC-2 Armor Plate - Black. ()Total Ratings $ New · Bulletproof Backpack Panel Shield Lightweight Body Armor Level. Body Armor · LBAC Body Armor Loadout · RAC Body Armor Loadout · HRAC Body Armor Loadout · HighCom Armor Guardian 3s9m Level NIJ III++ · HighCom Armor Guardian. U.S. Armor designs and manufactures superior body armor and protective equipment including bulletproof vests. Proudly Made in the U. S. A. Build the perfect AR Bullet Proof Body Armor Package with the BattleVest plate carrier and NIJ certified 3+ steel core armor plate, from Tacticon.

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