Exponential backoff Exponential backoff is a standard error handling strategy for network applications in which a client periodically retries a failed request. backoff This module provides function decorators which can be used to wrap a function such that it will be retried until some condition is met. It is meant to. To recap, I copied the explanatios: “Back away” means “move away from”. “Back away (from)” means “not get involved or remove oneself from”. “Back down” means “. Back Off! is the first book to focus on the direct-action tactics that work and the first to deal with harassment everywhere it takes place, in both blue-collar. Synonyms: withdraw, retire, recede, back down, retreat, more Back off -- I assumed he'd back off if back off! Visit the Spanish-English Forum. Help.

The easiest way to get back a hidden window is to just right-click on the Taskbar and select one of the window arrangement settings, like “Cascade windows” or “. backoff This module provides function decorators which can be used to wrap a function such that it will be retried until some condition is met. It is meant to. ​to stop threatening, criticizing or annoying somebody. Back off! There's no need to yell at me. The press have agreed to back off and leave the couple. You can go back to classic Outlook for Windows by selecting the toggle in the new Outlook for Windows app. If for some reason you don't see a toggle in the new. What is another word for back off? · To retreat, especially from a confronting situation · To renege or change one's mind on a position, agreement or promise · To. back off · [Naut.]to reverse the direction of a vessel. · Idiomsto retreat from a position; withdraw an opinion:I predict that the council will back water on. back off · 1to move backward in order to get away from someone or something frightening or unpleasant As the riot police approached the crowd backed off. Once your offer is accepted and the purchase contract is signed, you are bound to the terms of the agreement. However, you can still back out without penalty if. Move an Application Window From Off-screen Back to Your Main Desktop - Windows · Right-click on the Windows taskbar and select Cascade windows from the pop-up. back off, to. To retreat from a position, or yield; leave someone or something alone. For example, “When Jane learned about the required deposit, she backed off. However, frequent retries can overload network bandwidth and cause contention. Exponential backoff is a technique where operations are retried by increasing.

back off. Reference to a female's butt when she's got a fine, ample behind (when a girl's got 'back'). "Dat gal had one fine back off!" Get the back off mug. back off · (intr) to retreat · (tr) to abandon (an intention, objective, etc). Haters Back Off Haters Back Off is an American comedy television series based on the YouTube character Miranda Sings created by Colleen Ballinger. Its two. off VoiceOver.” Learn how to use Siri. Siri knows when VoiceOver is on and often reads more information back to you than appears on the screen. You can also. Κύριες μεταφράσεις. Αγγλικά, Ελληνικά. back off vi phrasal, (withdraw, retreat), αποχωρώ, αποσύρομαι, αποτραβιέμαι ρ αμ. The guys backed off when they saw. DEA: Office of Diversion Control. Year-Round Drop-Off. Verb edit · (literally) To move backwards away from something. coordinate terms △ · (idiomatic) To become less aggressive, particularly when one had appeared. Back-off definition: (literally) To move backwards away from something. Noun edit · (computing) The situation where an algorithm or process refrains from taking an action it would otherwise have taken. a backoff strategy to avoid.

Having a stuck earring back is a tricky situation, but we've all had it happen to us. In this post, we'll take you step by step through the process of. Synonyms for BACK OFF: back down, back out, cop out, recall, fink out, go back on, withdraw, chicken (out); Antonyms of BACK OFF: adhere (to), comply (with). Jobs represent one-off tasks that run to completion and then stop. Set retry and back-off strategies; Pass input data to work; Group related work Every work request has a backoff policy and backoff delay. The default. With the accessibility shortcut turned on, you can use it to turn TalkBack on or off with an on-screen button or physical keys. On your device, open Settings.

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